Time Out

It’s been two weeks since a podcast or post. There was a reason.

I finally found a term for what I am. I am a verbal processor (credit to Jacki Mclenaghan). I need to  hear words come out of my body to fully understand what’s going on in my mind. This probably explains why I love public speaking but that’s a tangent for another post….

As the Tuesday of my next podcast approached, I realized that for all the words I wanted and needed to say, I needed some focus. I needed to find my core, my direct path, and my true why.

Talking about anxiety is scary. It places people in a state of judgment (being judged or judging.) It’s uncomfortable. It brings up the past and the possible future. Above all, it reminds us of our own bravery or lack thereof. Sometimes the most brave thing we can do is take a step out of bed, take a deep breath, and face the day like the warrior we are.

Why do I talk about anxiety? Because I know there’s a path to better. I know if I can communicate to one person…one spouse…I have made a difference.


Say it. Mean it. Learn to communicate your experience. Learn to listen.

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