It was a rough weekend. Anyone with anxiety will tell you that when there’s not an opportunity to breathe, and plans fall into chaos, it’s the perfect storm for a panic attack. Such was my weekend. However, it presented me a unique opportunity to reflect on my emotions and why I handle things the way I do.

Have you ever felt ashamed for being upset? As women, we are scared to cry. We are scared we will look as though we are weak, or emotional. I broke down into tears twice this weekend. Within 6 hours. Of course, I had those same feelings of inadequacy. However, I felt strength.

I felt more authentic

I felt more in control

I felt like I could push through

I felt like I was able to communicate my intentions

Always allow yourself the moments of breakdown. Allow yourself time to feel so you can re-build your strength. Even in chaos there will be moments when you’ll be able to see your path.

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