Meet Sarah

Sarah Lawrence lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband and blended family of 6 kids. She was born and raised in Las Vegas.

Sarah is a professional speaker, author and coach. Her main focus is guiding entrepreneurs on how to create a more effective space for team development, and business relationships. She has developed relationships with other coaches, consultants, and speakers that have resulted in over 300 successful business opportunities, by teaching people how to become the best versions of themselves.

Sarah was a teenager when she had her first anxiety attack. Of course, as a teenager, it was hard to label the noise in her head. It took many years to realize to toll anxiety would take. However, it was through this realization that she was able to hack her brain, reverse engineer her behavior, and learn exactly how to communicate to those around her, in a way that created a space for healing, and love.

Sarah bases all of her relationships, and career choices based on the idea that when you can meet someone where they are, have unconditional trust that what they tell you is their reality, and love unconditionally, you can fundamentally change life and business. Ultimately, Sarah believes that when businesses and relationships are fundamentally based in a place of trust, they become much more successful.