Sarah Lawrence: Between Mundane and Madness.

Sarah Lawrence is a motivational speaker who resides in Las Vegas NV. She can do keynotes, breakouts, and any format to accommodate your event!!

Sarah has spoken at several local events including schools in Clark County School District, local speaking clubs, and has appeared as a guest speaker for several small conferences!

Your audience can gain insight to any of the following things:

  • How to recognize anxiety and depression and when to get help. Why is a disorder different from feeling anxious?
  • How to raise kids to understand about anxiety and depression.
  • How to communicate to loved ones about anxiety and depression, and HOW they can help.
  • How to make more meaningful choices, when all you feel is panic.
  • How to live YOUR best life by making the best choices for YOUR path!

Sarah can also offer the following for business audiences:

  • How to set and achieve goals, while working through social and situational anxiety.
  • How to network, and promote your business through social anxiety.
  • How to amplify and use social media to increase your visibility
  • Corporate teambuilding, geared towards people who identify as introverts. Building bridges for all employees!

Meet Sarah

Sarah Lawrence lives in Las Vegas, NV with her husband and blended family of 6 kids. She was born and raised in Las Vegas.

After experiencing her first anxiety attack at 16, she spiraled out of control, struggling with making long lasting decisions. She had her first child at 19 years old. Becoming a mother young came with many challenges. Although she always had the support of her family, she struggled with chronic anxiety and depression. Not recognizing that her behavior was linked to a mental disorder, she constantly felt like she was failing.

Years of self-loathing and low self esteem came to a halt when she stumbled upon an online article, detailing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Feeling a connection with these symptoms, she reached out to her doctor who helped her regain confidence and find a path where she could achieve her dreams!! There was a choice for years, but until she could finally find her self-love, she was unable to make meaningful choices and move down her path! Today, she is thriving and loving life! Sarah walks her path and makes choices that usually lie Between Mundane and Madness!!



Phone: 702-353-2406

Available for speaking engagements locally in Las Vegas, or anywhere in the United States. Please contact me for more information!